Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leithart weighs in on NT Wright & Tom2 at ETS on Paul

Maybe I'm just too dull to see the necessary contradictions in this.
Maybe I'm gleefully influenced by Frame, et al, and the ability to rejoice in oneness and manyness alike.
I'm not sure. Self suspicion is never far away on this issue, but I thought this post was worth it.

Read this short piece and enjoy some pavo y stuffing, y potato mezclado y salsa de cranberry:

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  1. No I think you're right on the money. Leithart has made some blunders --erring to one side or the other, as he sees these guys doing -- but not here. A Baptist versus and Anglican highlights the perfection of the middle: Presbyterianism! All joking aside, N.T. Wright is guilty of what most NPP guys do. They rightly smash the Straw Man evangelicals made out of 1st century Judaism and then use the same brush to paint the Reformation. As Peter pointed out, it is far better to listen to original speakers and ask what questions were THEY answering? Did Paul conceive of soteriology apart from eschatology? No! Does N.T. Wright need to write things more clearly for people alive today and quit pretending we don't all already have definitions of Justification and Sanctification in mind? Yes!