Friday, June 4, 2010

Two chaps yelling at each other over important issues (Or, a lively debate about Israel & boats)

I'm not quite sure how to come down on this issue yet. Yes, I realize that makes me vulnerable to folks with strong opinions on both sides. This is a deeply complex quagmire, incorporating historical & racial issues, religious tensions, and state sovereignty. Add to that folks on both sides who have lost loved ones and you have a recipe for difficult foreign policy. I'm interested to hear your thoughts if you have em. Keep it civil in the comment box if you speak up, por favor.

This might be of some help: The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict, 7th Edition


  1. I know this is a complicated issue, but in this particular instance it seems that Koch isn't willing to interact with the issues. When asked if cows, horses, spices and toys should be banned he answers "why would they allow war materials in?". No interaction with the actual issue. Also, I would say that those aboard the ship would admit they are activists, there point was to break the blockade not actually bring humanitarian aide, but when does that give a military the right to board a ship in international waters and kill people on board? I'm afraid a faulty theology about the place of Israel in eschatology has clouded many American's judgement.

  2. Though I don't pretend to know all the details, I think I agree with David Brooks on this one (which is normally a good side to be on). In the eyes of the law, Israel had every right to board the ship, but politically, it was a stupid thing to do. They were being intentionally provoked, and they stepped right into it. And of course they over-reacted with the level of force.

    And totally agree with a jacked up eschatology, plus the fact that we really need strong allies in the Middle East, so we overlook a lot.