Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NPR: uneducated white middle class gun toting scary people and 5$million

What a day and age! You've got to love the HD cam on your phone.

First off, its no surprise that NPR, or ANY OTHER media group, is filled with bias...even groups that receive, gasp, tax dollars. Neutrality is a myth ma peeps, every medium conveys a message and every message makes a point based on its fundamental presuppositions. The problem is not bias but pretended neutrality...a severe lack of honesty.

Second, I'm not posting this because I hate NPR, or Islam, or because I want to defend the right to bare arms. Its just an interesting video that relates, in my mind, to the underlying issues of $ and power that cause seemingly opposed groups to join hands. This happens all the time, among both liberal-cans and republicrats. Ron Paul along is pure. Joking. I've been reading enough Nietzsche lately that this stuff is just intriguing.

For Bill Jacobson's opinion go here: http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2011/03/npr-rip.html

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