Sunday, July 4, 2010

UFC 116: my heart still hurts

Man, Carwin, whew...There are a ton of opinions flying around the net today, but IMO it was a great fight. I DO think that in any other circumstance the ref would have called in round 1. Alas, they let it ride, Carwin gassed, and well, watch and find out.


  1. I watched the fight live then several other times throughout the night. I don't think the fight ever should have been stopped as each time the ref told Brock to do something or he would stop it, Brock did. And most of the shots were blocked by Brock on the ground. Its even more telling if you watch with the sound off so you can't hear the comentators going crazy.

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  2. You may be right David. I just re-watched the fight and it does seem as if Brock, for the most part, is 'intelligently defending.' I can find at least one place where he appears cooked, but as you said, he comes back. Truth be told, I just love Carwin, Jackson's, and was really bummed he didn't win. I'm sure there's a good bit of emotion behind my disappointment. ;)