Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moral Relativism on Methodological Naturlaism? (T-blog responds to TID)

As mentioned, the Triablogue boys have recently written an ebook in response to Loftus' newest installment: "The Christian Delusion." I just finished their book, and I commend it to all my readers. You may not want to enter into the atheism vs. theism debate to this extent. Fine, but if the time comes, "The Infidel Delusion" is a pretty hard hitting response to much of the militant new atheism out there. Per philosophical interests, Paul Manata's chapter are a great into to how a theist might respond to a naturalist. You may not agree with everything, but its certainly worth checking out:


On a related note, Here is Steven Hays responding to the issue of moral relativism: 

I'm interested to hear what you think. If you comment, please keep it civil. 

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