Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tears: Dax reminds us about hope & community in the midst of suffering

First off, hat tipping to Los via Zach.

Second, this post completes today's triune video montage. We started with smiles over serious issues, then on to Waldonian existential ironies and inquiries, and now to strike the most serious and most hopeful note; sorrow and love flow mingled down.

This video is about a young boy named Dax, his battle with cancer, and a community of faith and love that gathered around him in support. Warning, if your heart is currently beating you will most likely cry. I did. Perhaps its because I'm a survivor who has watched fellow child-soldiers, just like Dax, fall before me (Vonda). Perhaps its because my sweet daughter is only 3 months old and this is a stark reminder of how little control over her well being I really have. Perhaps it is because, like you, regardless of your faith, I am moved, broken, and angry about this kind of evil in the world. The redemptive edge of this video is almost lost on me. And it doesn't matter if you like Matthew West's voice or not, the fallenness of the story is choking.

Yet we cannot loose sight, especially around Holy-days and Christ-mas, of how suffering led an entire community to fight for a child, to turn deep evil for lasting good, and to lay down their lives for their little brother. Time is short. Today, if we hear the voice of love, let us not harden our hearts.

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